Is Python easy to learn, and where can I start learning it?


    Well it is a very subjective question. It really depends on person to person, about how much they are ready to put into it, how much energy they are putting into it. According to my perspective I will consider it moderate. Initially everything seems easy, but the resistance comes in when you have to use multiple functions for complex problems.

    I started by getting comfortable with the syntax which is said to be easier compared to other programming language because it’s syntax resembles very much to the English language with proper grammar just like SQL. I used Jupyter notebooks initially and then moved to another IDE named Spyder.

    After learning basic functions I moved towards the libraries such as NumPy, Pandas , Seaborn , Scipy etc. I am still in the learning phase of it because you never really stop learning when it comes to programming and data science. There are daily updates be it libraries, functions, algorithms etc.